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Making gains without living life is an empty victory.

"Making gains without living life is an empty victory." Gains. We all love making gains. Becoming stronger, better, bigger, firmer or whatever it is that you are working so hard for in the gym. Making those gains is part of living the gym life and gains (progress) is...

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Master your mindset and you’ll master your body.

Master your mindset and you'll master your body. You have to master your mindset and live with confidence in order to truly unleash your full power and reach your full potential. You have to master your mindset in order to truly master your body. Train your mindset as...

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11 Funny Gym Quotes For a Gym Addict

Being a gym addict and living the gym and fitness life is a very good thing. Every single day we focus on becoming stronger and better. We do our best to live healthy and our discipline and hard work not only leads to improvements in the gym, but outside of it. But...

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New week. New possibilities. New gains. Go for it.

"New week. New possibilities. New gains. Go for it." It's a new week and we are halfway into 2018. How's your goal crushing going? Are you constantly improving and moving forward? Are you making the most out of each day and each workout? It's easy to see a new week as...

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Sunday Funday at the gym!

#sundayfunday means getting my ass to the gym to make those gains! And it's all about the squat rack today! 😍 Enjoy this Sunday Funday gym life quote and make sure you share it with someone! Check us out over here for the worlds BEST gym quotes and sayings about...

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Single. Taken. Too Busy Making Gains.

Single. Taken. Too Busy Making Gains. #sorrynotsorry The life of a gym addict 😉 For those of us who simply are way too busy making gains! 😉 If you've been looking for a funny gym quote and if you're single.. Then this is it 😉 Share this single, taken - too busy...

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When in doubt, get your ass to the gym.

"When in doubt, get your ass to the gym." No, I'm not saying you should get your ass to the gym if you've broken both legs and arms and you're still thinking about going to the gym.. 😂 But what I'm talking about are those times when you have your workout planned but...

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Average is not good enough for me.

Average is not good enough for me. And it will NEVER be good enough for me. It's all about becoming the best that I can be and average has no part of that. There is no average in being the best that you can be. Strive hard - every single day - to do your best to...

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