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Enjoy the difficulty. Love the process.

"Enjoy the difficulty. Love the process." That difficulty is what will make you grow. The harder it is, the more you're going to get out of it. So enjoy it. Make it tougher and make it count! And remember that real change takes time. It's a marathon after all and not...

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This week: Train fucking harder.

This week: Train fucking harder. It's Monday and.. You know the drill by now.. Right? 😉 New week = train harder than last week. There's no other way to crush your goals. Train harder. Be epic this week and make sure that you crush your goals. 💯 I genuinely hope that...

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Don’t stop believing in yourself. No matter what happens.

Don't stop believing in yourself. No matter what happens. We all go through life's hardships. You can't see it on Social media though where everyone posts their most glorious moments and pictures, but we all go through tough f*cking times. We all come to crossroads...

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Mindset + Soulset + Heartset + Beast Mode = Greatness

Mindset + Soulset + Heartset + Beast Mode = Greatness This. This is what leads to epicness. The combination of the proper mindset, a healthy soulset, a loving heartset and a big dose of beast mode all leads to greatness. Believe in yourself. Be happy. Spread...

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HAPPY FRIDAY to those who workout & slay like it’s Monday.

"HAPPY FRIDAY to those who workout & slay like it's Monday." A big MASSIVE happy Friday and big props to everyone who chooses to workout and slay on a Friday instead of going out and partying. When you choose to workout and make gains instead of going out. Wishing you...

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Can’t stop. Won’t stop. #goalcrusher

Can't stop. Won't stop. #goalcrusher Too busy chasing my dreams. Having too much fun on this fitness journey. Love being a #goalcrusher There's no stopping. Not here. If there's one thing I want you to promise to yourself - it's this: don't EVER stop crushing your...

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Addicted to pain and gain.

"Addicted to pain and gain." Because that's what a gym addict is. Addicted to the pain.. And all those gains! Gotta love the process of becoming better, stronger and more fit! Like this addicted to pain and gain quote? Want more of the worlds best bodybuilding,...

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