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This week: Rise and beast.

"This week: Rise and grind beast." It's Monday and it's a brand new week. And that means that it's time to engage beast mode. Time to rise and beast and crush some goals! Have an awesome start to your week and make sure you beast this week! If you enjoyed this beast...

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Daily reminder: Goals and beast mode.

"Daily reminder: Goals and beast mode." It's easy to get lost in the daily grind. It's easy to lose focus on what you want to accomplish, your path towards your goals and how you're going to get where you want to be. So remind yourself, every single day about your...

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Strong is better than skinny.

"Strong is better than skinny." At least that's what we think. This is Gym Quotes! We believe in being STRONG. In being HEALTHY. We believe in training hard, challenging your mind and body in the gym and making progress. In crushing your goals! And skinny does not...

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There are no shortcuts.

There are no shortcuts. ❌ Period. Only hard work. 👊 You got to train hard and work hard - both in the gym and outside it. You gotta train hard, eat well and do so for a long time to get those results. Be dedicated to becoming stronger, better and more fit! If you like...

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Feeling sore. ❤

Feeling sore. ❤ The best feeling in the world for us gym addicts 😉 If you love feeling sore after a workout, then this is THE gym quote for you! Want more of our funny gym quotes about being sore, being a gym addict and living the gym life? Then make sure you check...

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#dedication ✖️ The quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose. Be dedicated, train hard and eat well and you will succeed. 👊 And with this quote I want to mention that there's brand new workout music playlist called ”DEDICATION” on our Spotify right...

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