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New week. 7 new days. Time to crush some goals.

"New week. 7 new days. Time to crush some goals." It's Monday again and it's time for some Monday motivation! It's a brand new week with 7 brand new days and it is TRULY time to unleash beast mode and CRUSH GOALS! Hope you'll have a great week and hope you really make...

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Gains are earned. Not given.

"Gains are earned. Not given." You gotta earn those gains. Simple as that. Nuff said. Enjoy another quote about gains and make sure you head on over to our gains quotes if you want more! Like this quote about gains and love Gym Quotes? Then we would love to see you...

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You were born for greatness. Remember that.

"You were born for greatness. Remember that." You were not born to be average. You were born to accomplish things and to be great. Greatness awaits you. Just keep grinding, keep working hard and keep training as hard as you can until you reach your goals. Until you...

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Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day... For us Gym Addicts 😉 It's all part of the gym life. Training hard and making gains. That include's a date with the gym on Valentine's day. 😉 Enjoy this brand new funny gym quote from us here at gymquotes.co and happy Valentine's day to you! If you...

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Today, be strong.

"Today, be strong." Choose to be strong. Challenge yourself and do things that will make you even stronger. Be fearless. Lift those weights and make those gains! Share this be strong quote with someone you want to inspire, and if you like our motivational quotes and...

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Every single rep brings you closer to your goal.

"Every single rep brings you closer to your goal." Every single rep you do is something that counts. Something that counts towards your goals. Skipping a single rep means slower progress. That's just the way it is. Always think about this when you're in the gym. Think...

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