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Sunday Funday – #gymlife

Sunday Funday #gymlife 🙌🏼 Yup, this is my kind of #sundayfunday 👉 In the gym, with the weights. 😍 Making gains! When this Sunday is over, I've managed to punish those weights 2 times, once at my morning workout and once in the afternoon. If you're a gym addict or...

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Sometimes making progress means taking rest days.

Sometimes making progress means taking rest days. ✖️ I know I brought this up before, but it's because A LOT of us (myself included) can become so psyched up about crushing goals that we forget about taking rest days. Or in my case.. Postponing them instead of taking...

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Pain is ok. Giving up is not.

Pain is ok. Giving up is not. Don't fear pain. Don't avoid pain. Embrace it. The pain is OK. What's NOT ok is giving up. Giving in to the pain and quitting is NOT ok. Remember that once you feel that burning pain - you're about to make some sweet, sweet gains. That's...

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Pump day

FYI: It's PUMP DAY. Wednesday. And there's no hump day for a gym addict. Only pump day! Have an awesome Wednesday and make sure you make the most out of this day! Enjoy another hump day pump day quote from us here at Gymquotes.co and make sure you follow us over here...

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Monday motivation: gains, gains and more gains.

Monday motivation: gains, gains and more gains. Monday. New week. Goals stay the same: GAINS. And if you EVER need some sort of Monday motivation, then just think about them gains. Visualize and see yourself making those gains and let that be your motivation for this...

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Grip it and rip it – Mathew Fraser.

"Grip it and rip it." - Crossfit Mathew Fraser. Mathew "Mat" Fraser is an American CrossFit athlete who's won the 2016 and 2017 CrossFit Games as well as taking second place at the 2014 and 2015 CrossFit Games. Mathew Fraser is a beast. Period. Strong and relentless....

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The grind doesn’t stop just because it’s Saturday.

"The grind doesn't stop just because it's Saturday." Taking a break on Saturday? Why? I've got goals to crush. I've got gains to make. I'm way to busy trying to shred fat and add some muscle to take a break just because it's Saturday. Saturday is just like any other...

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I will

"I wish. I will." There's no wishing when it comes to making things happen. Wishing won't make your dreams and goals turn into reality. There's only doing. Instead of wish.. Will. Stop wishing. Start doing. You will do it. You can do it. You will go for it. You will...

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Do it from the inside out. The body is a bonus – Karina Elle

"Do it from the inside out. The body is a bonus." - Words of Karina Elle. Oh I love this. 🙌🏼 Because it's true. You can be the fittest person on earth but feel miserable inside.. Work on being happy, do what makes you happy, surround yourself with people who makes you...

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