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Katrín Tanja Davíðsdóttir quote: Fearless.

Fearless: Not the lack of fear kind of fearless. More in the sense of, GO FOR IT, anyway. Katrín Tanja Davíðsdóttir Be this kind of fearless and go for it. It's OK to feel fear, but still - move forward and chase your goals! You can find this awesome woman...

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Life is better when you’re going beast mode.

Life is better when you're going beast mode.Gym Quotes Oh yes it is. That moment when you're in the gym, blocking out all the noise around you and in the world and focusing on one thing alone.. Going beast mode. Getting those weights up. Pushing yourself to the limit!...

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Weekend plans: Crush my goals.

No slowing down this weekend. No lazy weekend. No taking it easy.Gotta crush my goals. This quote is for all of you who's going beast mode this weekend! Share this quote about crushing goals if you like it and make sure you check us out and follow us over here for...

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Work on your inner greatness as much as you work on your body.

Work on your inner greatness as much as you work on your body. Gym Quotes This is one of the most essential things ever in life. 🙏🏻 Never forget that happiness comes from within! 😊 A "perfect body" is not the solution to happiness.. You have to work on your inner...

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Sundays are for gains, naps and those glorious cheat meals.

Sundays are for gains, naps and those glorious cheat meals 😍 Gotta love Sundays! There's something very peaceful about Sundays. 🙏🏻 Never feel stressed on a Sunday.It is a day of calm, happiness and.. Beast mode 😉 And the perfect Sunday is without a doubt the one with...

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No more “I can’t.” You can and you will.

No more "I can't." You can and you will. Gym Quotes It is time to erase any trace of "I can't" in your mind! You can lose weight.You can get in shape.You can make those gains.You can become stronger!You can come back after a setback.You can improve in any way you...

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I don’t hope for shit. I work for it.

I don't hope for shit. I work for it. Andre Ferguson, IFBB Pro Champion Don't wish for it. Don't hope for it. Work for it. Period.You have got to work (hard) for your goals and dreams! There's no other way to crush those goals. Share this quote with someone if you...

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Gym Etiquette Quotes

There's a good way to behave in the gym and then there are bad ways.Common sense is essential. Always be humble. Polite. Respectful. A lot of people find the gym an intimidating place which means it's extra important to really behave in the very best way possible...

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Excuses will not give you gains.

Excuses will not give you gains.Gym Quotes Every single time you make an excuse to not go to the gym or to skip that workout, you lose out on potential gains. The number one reason most people never make "enough" progress or see real gains is because they don't give...

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This week: Less excuses. More Beast Mode.

This week: Less excuses. More Beast Mode. 🔥Gym Quotes Start this week off right by making a promise to yourself that you'll make less excuses and that you'll go all in for your goals. 👊 Think about every single one of your goals and dreams and avoid making even the...

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