There’s a good way to behave in the gym and then there are bad ways.
Common sense is essential. Always be humble. Polite. Respectful.

A lot of people find the gym an intimidating place which means it’s extra important to really behave in the very best way possible (even though this is by no means limited to the gym.. Same goes for outside of it.)

These are some gym etiquette quotes that we put together to highlight some important things to think about in the gym.


Gym etiquette: Don’t be lazy. Always re-rack your weights.

Gym etiquette: Always re-rack your weights.
Always re-rack your weights.

This is without a doubt one of the most important things to think about in the gym. If you use weights or equipment, put them back. Don’t be lazy or disrespectful to those who work in the gym and other gym goers.
RE-RACK. Always!

Gym etiquette: Be a good person. Be helpful, humble. And respectful. And smile a little. It’s not a funeral!

gym etiquette: be a good person.
Be a good person.

Just be a good person. Treat others the same way you want to be treated. Be nice! Be helpful. And try smiling! Yes, we are all in the gym to get some serious results, but that doesn’t mean we can’t smile a little!

Gym etiquette: Don’t be creepy and don’t stare.

Gym etiquette: Don't be creepy and don't stare.
Don’t be creepy and don’t stare.

This one’s so simple. Don’t be creepy and avoid staring. No one likes that. Period.

Gym etiquette: Don’t be dirty. Clean your clothes. Use a deodorant. Wipe your equipment.

gym etiquette: don't be dirty.

No one likes too much BO and a deodorant easily fixes that. Also, clean your clothes. Gym gear (especially those shoes) have a tendency to get smelly and no one likes that smell.. So clean your clothes. Often! And last but not least.. Please do make sure you wipe clean the equipment you used.

No one.. NO ONE wants to take a bath in someone elses sweat.
Wipe clean! Always.

Gym etiquette: Don’t be rude. Ask before you take weights or equipment.

Gym etiquette: don't be rude.

Be polite and ASK if you want someones weights or equipment. And if you’re not sure if someone is using something.. ASK!

Gym etiquette: Give people space.

Gym etiquette: Give people space.

Give people space.

Try to give people space. For one, because of the safety issue when someone is lifting.. And second, because people do like to have and workout in their little “bubble.” You are most likely the same. So give people space.

Gym etiquette: Leave someone alone if they are lifting.

Gym etiquette: leave someone alone if they are lifting.
Leave someone alone if they are lifting.

99.9% of most gym goers absolutely hate it when they get interrupted in the middle of a set. And you are most likely the same. There are few things that are as irritating as being interrupted while going beast mode in the gym.

If you need to ask someone a question, wait until they are done with their set.

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