Tried normal. Hated it. Went beast mode.. Loved it!

Long time ago.. I tried “normal.” Tried blending in, looking and doing “normal.”

Quickly realized I was not someone who was satisfied with normal. My energy level was just not “normal”.
I found my preferred energy level as soon as I went beast mode. When I revved up and got busy creating. Doing.

Both in the gym, when it comes to work, love and relationships.

I believe in going all in. Normal is not for me. I wanna look beast mode. I wanna go beast mode. Be productive.
I try to go beast mode as much as possible in the gym. Because that’s the only way I can actually live with myself and being proud of what I do. And the same thing goes for work. And when it comes to love. Train hard. Work hard. Love hard and with passion. ✖️👉 ALWAYS do what makes you happy! Don’t pay attention to anyone who thinks you’re different! Find your passion and go beast mode!

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