Accept your flaws. Worry LESS. Smile MORE. Lift heavy things. 🙌🏼

I see some people obsessed with chasing ”perfection.”
People obsessing over every single “flaw” that they might have.
When there is no “perfect” at all.. Perfect is an illusion. 

We all have our flaws. That’s the truth. 

To be imperfect is the most natural thing to be, and we ARE ALL imperfect in one way or another.. And we will always be.

Learn to accept your flaws. Accept them and worry less. Instead, focus on YOU. On your happiness. On your path towards self improvement. And SMILE more. 😃

This journey is supposed to be fun! Enjoy life. Enjoy being who you are. And constantly work hard to become a better you. For us gym addicts, that includes lifting heavy things 🙌🏼

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