“No one is perfect. Be proud of who you are and be proud of your body. Celebrate your scars and flaws.”

In the world of social media where you come across accounts everywhere with ripped and toned bodies, people with massive pecs and arms, that “perfect body” and what not..

It’s easy to compare.. A lot of them look “perfect” right?

Same thing in the gym really.. I see people who are struggling to go to the gym because they don’t feel “good enough” or because they feel inferior in that environment..

But you should NEVER EVER feel inferior. At any time. Not in the gym, nor outside of it.

Remember: no one is truly perfect. Your scars and flaws are part of what makes you.. You. Be proud of them and celebrate them! Focus on being a good person, be proud of yourself and your body – all while you’re working hard to become a better you.

How someone physically looks is not a measure of how “good” they are in any way.

A lot of the “fittest” ones I know are also the ones who feel the most inferior themselves. They battle their own demons just like anyone else. So don’t compare yourself to anyone. Don’t feel bad about yourself and your flaws. Celebrate them.

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