Find your beautiful and work towards that.

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In the age of social media where every “influencer” seem perfect in every single way and with society piling on the pressure upon both women and men to look great, thin, muscular and perfect in different ways.. I think it’s important to remember that happiness comes from within AND that there IS NO PERFECT.

“Perfection” is an illusion AND whatever “perfect” even is..
It’s subjective – thus differs from person to person.

But NONE of what other people think about you should matter, because you’re on this journey for yourself.

I am trying my best to create my version of what I think is “beautiful” and I’m working towards that. I am doing this for me, I love feeling healthy, feeling good and the whole lifestyle of fitness and the rest (the physique) is just a bonus.

Do NOT get influenced by society or anyone else and focus on YOU. Decide who you want to be, how you want to look, be yourself, love yourself and work towards becoming a better you – THE WAY YOU WANT.

Not someone else’s version of beautiful.

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