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“Proud to be a gym addict.”

I am. I Really am. I know a lot of people frown upon us gym addicts. Think we are doing what we do just because we are vain and obsessed with our bodies. That might be true for some but for me it runs way deeper than that. The gym is where my body AND mind finds peace. I love to challenge myself to become better. I love the way lifting weights makes me feel. I love the way me being a gym addict and taking care of my body has saved me from a lot of the so common aches and pains that most people that don’t go to the gym suffer from.

I love the way training gives me energy throughout the day. I love the way it boosts my mental energy and confidence. Not sure what I would do without the gym to be honest. ✖️ Yes. I’m proud to be a gym addict 👉

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