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In the end what matters most is what’s on the inside. ✖️

It doesn’t matter how fit you are, how ripped you are, how massive you are, the size of your chest, biceps, how ripped you are or how toned your body is if your inside is ugly AF. 👉 How you treat others, how much you help others, how friendly you are, how much love you give, how you good make those around you feel and overall how good a person you are is what matters the most! 🙏🏻

Every single day I see people who are fit AF, but lack that other very important thing on the inside. People who are incredibly superficial AND who look down on pretty much everyone else. 👉 Your outside don’t matter at all if you don’t have something REAL on the inside. 👉 Be a beast, train as hard as you can and make sure you are a good person. 👊 Just my 2 cents.

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