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When taking a rest day is harder than going beast mode. 😂

Oh if you’re a gym or fitness addict you KNOW the struggle!

I’ve been training many days straight (2 workouts a day) without a proper rest day and I was actually just an hour from going to the gym today.. But made a last minute decision to not go since I REALLY need a rest day. 🙏🏻

Mind says yes. Body would be able to do it for sure. 👍 But I know I need to REST. And that is sometimes harder than going beast mode in the gym 🧐

Insane but true! Taking a rest day is an essential part of training, you simply can’t go on and on without letting your body completely REST, but taking a rest day is often one of the hardest things for a gym addict! Ahh the struggles in our daily gym life! 😉

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