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“I can not stress enough to you that CONSISTENCY IS KEY, even on the days I don’t feel motivated, I simply KEEP GOING.” Words of Ashley Kaltwasser.

Ashley Kaltwasser is the MS. BIKINI OLYMPIA X 3 (yup, that’s times 3 and she’s going for a 4th title), she’s strong and fit AF – so she sure knows what she’s talking about! 👊

And what I really like with her and her content is that it’s not JUST about the gym.
There’s so much fun content (which a lot of people in the fitness sphere lack) on her channels as well as a bit of  calisthenics training – something I love and started with a couple of months back. 👉 Consistency will always be key people!

There are plenty of people who got better, successful, etc not by being 100% motivated all the time, but because they were consistently working to improve. Bad days or good days: showing up and doing their best to improve. And that’s exactly what you need to be. Consistent.

Be it in the gym, with what you eat, how you live, etc. #beconsistent

And check out Ashley Kaltwasser for some of that WICKED content. 👍

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