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“Every set is mapped out long before the bar is touched. It’s a deep and mindful journey. A vision is created.” – James “Flex” Lewis.

If you look at pretty much every single successful bodybuilder or athlete, they all go through a mental process before they take action. They go through the motions, the whole process and create the vision of a successful lift/run/jump or whatever it is they do.

I love this quote from the now 7 (!)  time Mr Olympia 212 champion Flex Lewis and I believe we all should prepare ourselves more – mentally – before we take action.

Next time you are in front of the bar or the machine, close your eyes and see yourself go through the motions, the whole lift and the whole set and see how you successfully accomplish your goals for that set.

Then open your eyes and get ready to lift some heavy shit!

It’s been 7 EPIC years for the now 7 time Mr Olympia 212 champion James “Flex” Lewis.
Big congrats to the champ! One truly epic physique and a man that truly knows how to train hard and how to crush his goals!

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