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“This is my life, my future and I will do everything possible to make sure my idea of success follows.” The words of IFBB Pro Jeremy Potvin.

IFBB Pro Jeremy Potvin is a beast and you should definitely check him out over here: Jeremy Potvin

The reason I wanted to feature these words is because I think it’s a mind set that every single one of us can – and should – adapt.

And this applies to everything.
Take control of your life and do everything you can to make sure your life ends up exactly the way you want it to.
I’ve gone through some tough times, I have friends who are dealing with their own hardship, relationships, work and what not.. And I believe a mindset like this is essential to push through tough times and to make sure you find – and STAY – on your path to success. In the gym, in business, in love and in life.

Simply do everything you can to be as successful as you can.

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