The thrill of the unknown, of risks, of allowing yourself to fail knowing you’ll grow because of it is indescribable.

Kristin Winnergård

This. Is simply one of the most rewarding things in life. When you truly step out of your comfort zone and walk into the unknown. When you know something great awaits you but you don’t know if you’ll make it or if you’ll fail. But you KNOW you have to risk it and go for it. When you do this, you ALWAYS grow. Regardless if you make it or if you fail.

If you make it then it’s on to the next goal to crush or the next step into the unknown. If you fail the experience will make you grow and the next steps will most likely lead to success.

But the feeling of getting rid of embracing your fear and moving into something you can’t 100% control is simply insanely rewarding and something I hope every single one of you will be able to enjoy this year.

Look at all the things you want to accomplish and do not let fear stop you. Embrace fear and move forward!

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