“Look in the mirror and call yourself on your own bullsh*t. That’s where it all starts every morning.”

the bodybuilder you see in the quote is: AJ Ellison ❌

AJ Ellison is a 3 x WBFF Pro World Champ and a Shredz athlete.

Now I have not met the man, and only recently found his channel on Instagram and really liked what I saw.
AJ Ellison seems VERY smart, wise and he’s a BEAST!

And I put together this gym inspiration quote because I liked it.
Because I think it’s a good thing to do. To look in the mirror, every single morning and be HONEST with what you see. See weakness? Take action. See areas that you want to improve? Take action. The key is to have a reality check often and use that to improve yourself. ❌

Check out AJ Ellison on Instagram to be inspired to improve yourself.

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