Stop clinging to who you were yesterday and own your days. Be a beast.

Rotten Rebel

We humans are creatures of habit. We create routines (both physical and mental) because that’s how we are wired to function the best. But far from all routines are good.

A lot of people are spending time in yesterday. They focus on who they were rather than who they can be. They are stuck in a routine of staying in the past instead of pushing forward towards their future better self.

OWN YOUR DAYS. Be a beast and go beast mode. Starting right now. Let go of the past, stop focusing on what you perceive as your weaknesses or limitations and realize that you can do anything you set your mind to.

OWN this moment. OWN today. Own every single day from now on.

Remind yourself that time goes by fast and that you need to make the most of each day. No excuses.

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