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“The hard days don’t just count – they count for double. It’s the struggle that makes you STRONGER! Make it count.” The words of Katrín Tanja Davíðsdóttir  👊

She’s a beast, one of the best in crossfit and always inspiring! Katrín Tanja Davíðsdóttir  is the 2015 & 2016 Fittest woman on earth, an insane crossfit athlete, a Reebok Athlete and it’s always inspiring to see how hard she trains and how insanely hard she pushes herself to get closer to her goals! 🙌🏼💯 And about this Katrín Tanja quote: Those hard days are the ones that define you and the ones that make you move forward. So push yourself hard every single time you’re in the gym. Embrace those hard days and know that they count for double. The struggle is what makes you STRONGER!

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