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”You lack motivation cuz you lack discipline and fitness is the first step to developing it.” – Artemus Dolgin ✖️

I like the man. I do. Artemus Dolgin is not only a beast when it comes to his physique, but he is also successful in his business as well as inspiring a ton of people all around the world through his work and his content.

But the main reason I wanted to feature these words of Artemus Dolgin here on Gym Quotes is because I’ve seen this very thing happen in so many people around me over the years.

I’ve seen people lacking motivation because they lack discipline. It becomes a downward spiral for some where they lack motivation because there’s a lack of discipline, this results in a state of nothingness where one does not achieve anything.

Regardless if it’s about you becoming better (physically or mentally) it all starts with DOING.
Even if you HATE it, you do it. Do you hate going to the gym? Go there. Do your best. I bet you’ll soon love it. ❤️

Have a project that you wanted to start? Maybe you always wanted t start your own company? Whatever it is..
Put aside any fears, f*ck motivation if you don’t have it and just GET BUSY.

Your discipline in DOING IT will create motivation further down the road.
Now fitness (regardless of what you do in terms of fitness) is a GREAT way to actually develop discipline.
You HAVE to get in the gym to get ANY results. So get in there. ✖️ No excuses ✖️

Soon your discipline will feed your motivation and they will both feed on each other and you’re WELL on your way to becoming a BETTER YOU. 🙌🏼

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