2021. Day 1. I am ready.

2020 has been a strange year indeed. Went through some bad things, enjoyed some truly amazing things.

My first pandemic turned my life upside down.
Workwise it’s been truly amazing with some innovative and creative projects that I loved being part of. 

Outside of work – corona f*cked up a lot of things. I LIVE for exploring and enjoying new experiences and not being able to travel in the same way I always do has truly had an impact on me. All the social restrictions has also put its mark on all the things we sometimes take for granted: doing things with our friends and enjoying all those (little and big) social things that makes life so amazing. 

But even with social restrictions, I’ve met some truly great people and new friendships formed.

I kept my promise from 2019 and remembered the importance of completely shutting out anyone who brings negative vibes into my life. There’s no room in my life for negativity and I intend on keeping it that way.

Most important of all this year: I TRULY learned NOT to take ANYTHING for granted. Corona has truly shown how fragile life is. So I am grateful. For every single day. 

For 2021: I’ll keep on loving and caring for those I am fortunate to have in my life.

I am more motivated than ever to keep on pushing forward in the gym and to keep on moving forward with work. I can’t wait to be able to get back to “normal” and hopefully I’ll be on a plane to a beach soon!

My tips for you for 2021: Leave 2020 behind you! It’s been an insane and difficult year, but leave it behind you. Learn from the past but FOCUS on the future. Surround yourself with people who fuel your inner fire!
Both in your personal life and workwise. Avoid every single person who is negative
and anyone who steals your energy with their bad vibes!

Focus on you: both by going beast mode and crushing your goals AND by enjoying life. BOTH.
Thanks for being part of this place and I truly wish the best for you in 2021!

Day 1 of 2021: #iamready

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