The storm makes you stronger. Believe in yourself and push harder.
Not sure how your 2020 started, but my 2020 started with me having to ride out a storm all while having something amazing in front of me. It was like living in a split world where 50% was a clusterfuck and 50 something that I truly wanted. 🙏

After coming back from an amazing vacation I felt completely in harmony. I found my focus, I found my inner peace and I couldn’t wait to get busy with all those amazing things I had in front of me.

Then corona hit 🙈 and turned everything upside down. Training went down for 6 weeks, I ate like shit during that period and a wide range of things suffered as well. I left one storm in the beginning of the year, rode it out, found myself and felt on top of the world and then a new storm came upon me.
Still riding out that storm but things are better. Some days are shit, some days I’m on top of the world. 👉
Through it all: the one thing I thoroughly believe in is that YOU need to believe in yourself. And believe in the fact that the storm will make you stronger 👊

If you find yourself in a storm, push harder. Do NOT slow down. You will come out of it stronger, tougher and better than before it.

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