Superior habits lead to AMAZING results.

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Bad habits usually provide instant “results.” For example: eating that box of cookies or big jug of Ben & Jerry will give you that instant hit of satisfaction and for the moment feel good.  staying away from the bad habits usually dont provide us with the same “instant results.” Eating healthy and training hard – on a regular basis – dont give us that same instant hit of results, thus its ( for most people ) harder to stay with their good habits since you really need to be patient for a longer period of time in order to reap the (most superior) rewards.

Perseverance is KEY whenit comes to habits. If you prime your mind from the beginning that it will take time, and that you need to persevere and be consistent you’ll have a higher chance to succeed.

Realize that your bad habits are usually only a “quick hit of satisfaction” and thus not worth it. Instead: Establish superior habits, stay on your path and you’ll see amazing results!

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