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Tired AF. No energy. STILL going to the gym. ✖️

New routines, a lot of work, loss of sleep. ☠️ Truly tired AF when it’s time for that workout in the evening. 🙈

The thought of skipping the gym pops up in my head. It would be so nice to just crash on the couch after work. 😈 But fuck that shit. Still going to the gym. ✖️ Bad workout or not, still going!
👉 Because going to the gym is the only way to get better! 👊

This quote is dedicated to all of you out there that STILL go to the gym – no matter how friggin tired you are. 🙌🏼 You know the struggle, you know how tough it can be to muster up that energy (that you really don’t have) to get to the gym and to lift those weights! 💯

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