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When taking a rest day is harder than going beast mode.

When taking a rest day is harder than going beast mode. 😂 Oh if you're a gym or fitness addict you KNOW the struggle! I've been training many days straight (2 workouts a day) without a proper rest day and I was actually just an hour from going to the gym today.. But...

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In a world full of average. Be outstanding.

"In a world full of average. Be outstanding." You were NOT born to be average. You are not supposed to be average. Your mind and body deserves more than just average. Your life is not supposed to be average. Train harder and work harder and be outstanding. Do your...

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Train harder.

Train harder quote: Train harder. Progress is not just about going to the gym to train. Progress is all about training harder. Progress is to push yourself harder than before. That's really the only way to truly grow. So make this your motto: train harder. Make those...

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New week. 7 days. 168 hours. Crush. Your. Goals.

New week. 7 days. 168 hours. Crush. Your. Goals. 👊 168 hours. That's how much you have got in terms of actual hours this week to improve yourself. Use your 168 hours wisely. Use your 168 hours to crush those goals of yours. Work HARDER and train HARDER than last week...

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Today’s not Sunday. It’s gains day.

Today's not Sunday. It's gains day. No rest day for me today. All about them gains. 🙌🏼 No rest for the wicked and those gains are waiting. Sunday is like every other day of the week: gains day. What about you? You resting today or will you be in the gym today - making...

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Addicted to progress.

"Addicted to progress." I am. Are you? From getting stronger to making those sweet gains to cutting fat and getting shredded. I'm completely addicted to all sorts of progress when it comes to myself and my body. There are few things in life that can match the...

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Excuses x Progress.

"Excuses Progress." Excuses. They are so easy to make. And they are most of the time that one thing that completely slows down progress. You simply won't get better, stronger, leaner, more fit or get those gains if you make those excuses.. So don't. Skip those excuses...

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New week. Beast mode engaged.

New week. Beast mode engaged. 😉 A new week. A new page in your life. How will you make progress this week? How will you improve and become stronger? Think about what you want to accomplish, then think about WHAT you need to do in order to accomplish those goals. And...

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