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Life is short. Lift heavy things.

"Life is short. Lift heavy things." Just saying.. 😉 Life is indeed short.. And for us gym addicts.. Lifting heavy things is one of our favorite things to do. 😉 If you're a gym addict who loves to lift heavy things, then this is THE gym quote for you! Share this...

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Friday night. Empty gym. I like.

Friday night. Empty gym. I like. Gotta love going to the gym on Friday nights. Everyone out partying or at home watching tv.. Which leaves the entire gym for us gym addicts. All those barbells, dumbells and machines just for yourself. Beautiful! If you love going to...

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Strong not skinny

Strong over skinny and weak. Period. It will always be strong over skinny. Always. If you believe in strength and size over being skinny, then this is THE gym quote for you. Love the feeling of being strong? Then share this quote with someone today! Welcome to...

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When in the gym: don’t be a douche.

When in the gym: don't be a douche. ✖️ Well.. The same goes for when you're outside the gym of course. 😉 Always treat people in the gym (and outside of it) with respect and be a good person. 🙏🏻  Pick up your weights when you're done and re-rack them. Be polite and...

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