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You gotta fight for it. Every single day.

You gotta fight for it. Every single day. 👊 All of this is a Marathon and not a sprint. Every single day adds up. That means you gotta fight for it. Every single day. And there are temptations all around us. 🙈 Temptations to eat unhealthy food or to skip the gym.. 👉...

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If I fall I rise back up. If I fail I try again.

If I fall I rise back up. If I fail I try again. If you fall you rise. You rise back up. Every single time.And you will fall. We all do. And if you fail you try again. And again. And again.. Until you get it right. Because there's no other way! Stay strong and keep...

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All I want for Valentine’s day is GAINS.

When the only thing you really want for Valentine's day is.. GAINS! 😉 Share this Valentine's gym quote with someone if you like it and.. Make sure you follow us for daily gym motivation and a ton of funny gym quotes and memes over here: Gym Quotes InstagramGym Quotes...

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My blood type is Whey.

My blood type is Whey.Gym Quotes You know you're a gym addict when you always have a container of Whey in the kitchen and when your blood type probably turned into Whey by now 😉 Like this funny gym quote? Then share it with someone! Want more of the worlds most best...

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