It’s easy to slip into the mindset that going to the gym is the only way to burn calories and to get in shape.
While we absolutely LOVE the gym and 100% recommend going there in order to use all the weights, machines and equipment to help you get in shape, and while resistance training is an essential part of becoming stronger and making gains, there are other things you can do to burn more calories.

Those everyday things that we either don’t think about or ignore.
The only thing required is a changed mindset (you need to actively think about these things and do them) and a bit more effort 😉

So let’s get started with our list. This list is in no particular order, we just list some of our favorite things that you can do to burn more calories.

  1. Walk to the gym, or take the bike to the gym instead of using your car.
    A lot of us are used to taking the car – almost everywhere – but walking or taking the bike to the gym can double as a warmup and the activity will burn more calories. And you get the benefit of being able to go through the workout in your mind while working and prepping yourself mentally for what is about to happen once you get there.
  2. Walk to work, to the grocery store, etc instead of taking the car.
    Same thing as tip number 1: Basically, walk as often as you can.
    Instead of taking the car.. Walk. Now obviously if you are shopping for the entire week you and you’ll end up with a ton of bags full of groceries.. You might want to take the car 😉
    Taking the bike to work could burn over 200 calories (if the ride is moderate intensity and about 30 minutes.)
  3. When at work, WALK to your colleagues instead of writing all those emails or using those IM’s.
    I’m constantly surprised by how lazy things can get in the office. I’ve been at several workplaces where people are sitting OPPOSITE each other.. Emailing each other..
    I love to walk around in the office, regardless if it’s to the coffee machine or if I need to talk to a colleague. I love the social part of a work place and I enjoy actually talking to the ones I work with instead of just writing to them. Try it.
    Added bonus: people will like the fact that you are actually TALKING instead of chatting.
    That is if you are friendly of course.. 😉
  4. Use a standing desk at work.
    You might need to use a mat to go easy on your knees, hips, and ankles and we suggest that you use some really comfortable shoes as well. There are plenty of benefits of standing up at work and while it’s NOT for everyone, it really can make a difference.
    When I started using a standing desk at work several things happened: I felt more energized. My posture improved. My tennis elbow slowly went away. That afternoon slump that used to come EVERY single day after lunch dissapeared. I felt more focused and I knew I burned more calories which obviously felt good.
    Yes, my feet could sometimes be TIRED AF but after a while I got used to it. Some people can’t do it though. Either because they have a physical problem /medical condition or simply because they can’t focus on work while standing up. But it’s a good way to burn more calories and it’s got a lot of other benefits as well.
  5. Take the stairs.
    This one’s so easy to forget. You get out of your apartment and you push the button to the elevator. Maybe you’re really tired in the morning or maybe you’re coming home late at night and feel tired.. Yes, taking the elevator is comfortable.. But it’s also LAZY. At work, at home, wherever there are stairs – take them. You’ll burn more calories for sure.
  6. Clean the house in different ways.
    Cleaning and vacuuming can burn over 100 calories per 30 minutes (it’s just an estimate).
    Added bonus: You get the benefit of a really nice and clean home!
  7. Take your dog out. More often and for longer time.
    I’m an ex dog owner and having been in that world, I know there are (sadly) a lot of dog owners who don’t give their dogs enough exercise. Even smaller dogs have a TON of energy and larger dogs usually needs hours of daily exercise. If you are a dog owner, then taking your dog out more often and for longer time is one of the easiest (and most fun) ways to burn more calories. I absolutely LOVED taking my dog out. Our walks together made me laugh (that dog sure was goofy) and it also made me reflect on many things, collect my thoughts and just feel more balanced mentally. Almost like some sort of meditation for me.
    Added bonus: your dog WILL feel a lot better, not only physically but mentally.
  8. Kiss.
    A passionate kiss burns about 2 calories a minute. So make out often.. And a lot.
    Added bonus: Your relationship will benefit from all that kissing. And.. It’s FUN AF. 😉
  9. Have sex.
    They say that the average time for intercourse (from foreplay to the end) is between 20-30 minutes and that you burn between 70-120 calories during that time.
    We don’t need to put any “added bonus” to this one.. Right? 😉

So there you have them. It’s not a complete list by any means but these are some everyday things you can do to burn some extra calories.

Which one’s your favorite? 😉

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