We’ve known for quite some time now that a lack of sleep leads to risk of obesity and diabetes.
Not getting enough sleep disrupts hormones that control appetite and feelings of fullness.

If you ever been in a period where you had a lack of sleep, you probably experience increased hunger where you constantly felt hungry and felt that you had to eat to “stay awake.”

Those who sleep less usually have more time to eat, and are more likely to skip exercise (due to tiredness) and basically have less self-control when it comes to resisting unhealthy food.

This is nothing new, but what IS new is a brand new study that was published in the journal Science Advances, where 15 healthy volunteers each attended a testing session on two occasions.

Once after a normal night’s sleep and once after staying up all night.
During the visit, they gave samples of fat and muscle tissue and blood.

After sleep deprivation, people’s fat tissue showed changes in gene activity that are linked to cells increasing their tendency to absorb lipids and also to proliferate.

AND THAT is interesting and definitely worth reading more about.

Won’t go too deep into this, will publish a separate article about the new study, but for now, please head on over to the original article that was published here: Poor sleep makes people pile on the pounds

And the original study can be found here: Acute sleep loss results in tissue-specific alterations in genome-wide DNA methylation state and metabolic fuel utilization in humans

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