Fat burners are real and a lot of them work, but a lot of them simply do NOT have enough studies (evidence) to support their claim. We’ve tried A LOT of different fat burners over the years and thought we would put together this list of our most favorite ones.

And before we start off with our top favorite supplements that can help you burn fat and get more fit, let’s just start with one very important thing:


Basically. You need to eat as healthy as possible. We won’t go into details in this article about what eating healthy is, but let’s just say it’s going to be hard to make any supplement work if you are eating unhealthy foods.
Simple as that.

And the next thing is:

Now this is where it gets a bit complex, but total daily energy expenditure can vary from person to person depending on body size, body composition, gender, genetics, and activity level. What we mean with this is that you need to figure what your total daily energy expenditure is (it never gets exact, but a number that is as close as possible) and then eat accordingly. So if a person has a daily energy expenditure of 2000 calories, then that person needs to make sure he or she is eating accordingly. You can’t over eat if you want to lose fat.
That’s going to be really hard.

But, if you are eating well, and if you are tracking your food and calorie intake (doesn’t have to be exact) then fat burning supplements WILL help you get fit faster. And with apps like My Fitness Pal it’s fairly easy to keep a pretty good check on those calories.

Now with that said.. Let’s move on to some of our favorite fat burners!

Green tea extract

We LOVE green tea extract. One of the reasons is that it helps fat loss by boosting the number of calories you burn. Another reason we love green tea extract is that it also helps you in a number of other ways such as being high in antioxidants. And if you are cutting calories in some way (which is a common way to lose weight), then there’s a benefit that is EXTREMELY good: you won’t feel as hungry when taking green tea extract.

I’m personally on a low calorie diet where I maintain my protein levels (high) by eating protein rich food as well as supplement with both Whey and Casein supplements and eat a lot of veggies – so it’s not like I am feeling hungry all the time.. But.. I get these INSANE cravings from time to time where I just feel the need to eat CARBS. And I find that supplementing with green tea has removed that craving and thus made it easier for me to stay on my path and not give in to that craving.

One thing about green tea though: DON’T overdo it. Different studies say different things but around 500MG per day of catechins (the most active ingredient in green tea) is OK and EFFECTIVE.

Almost ALL of studies on Green tea shows that most of those that drink green tea are in better health than those who do not drink green tea at all. Which says a lot about it’s other benefits besides the fat burning ones.

Best time to take a green tea supplement is usually in the morning.


Carnitine is one of the classic supplements when it comes to fat burners. It’s been around for a long time and Carnitine is basically a very important component of the (rather complex) transporting system that brings fat into the mitochondria.

The mitochondria is where it is burned.

There are quite a few studies over many years that help support the fact that supplementing with carnitine can increase the amount of fat that your body burns.  One study showed that a group that took Carnitine and also consumed over 500 calories extra than a group that didn’t take carnitine gain NO fat. The group that did not consume carnitine did. And that’s just one study.

You can take carnitine with meals or as I prefer to do it between meals to really boost the effect of it.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

There are several research studies that confirm that CLA can help in fat loss while at the same time help in increasing muscle growth. To keep it short: CLA is inhibiting the enzyme lipoprotein lipase (LPL). LPL allows fat cells to take up fat from the bloodstream and store it as body fat (that’s something we want to avoid.)
If you inhibit LPL, you prevent (to some degree) that your body stores fat and instead help burn it.

CLA is usually consumed with meals. Different brands have different amount of CLA in them so the amount varies between brands, but anywhere between 2 to 7g per day.

Coffee (caffeine)

We LOVE coffee. And a lot of you do as well. Coffee is one of the most commonly consumed beverages in the world.
And so is caffeine.

So what does it do? Coffee contains several stimulants, and caffeine is the main one.
Caffeine increase your metabolic rate, and it makes you more alert. There’s a reason why a lot of us NEED that first cup of coffee in the morning to wake up and be able to focus 😉

Caffeine also stimulates the nervous system, which then sends signals to the fat cells, basically telling them to start breaking down fat (and we WANT that.)

Last but not least, caffeine seems to have an appetite-reducing effect (not for everyone) so it actually may help you feel less hungry, which again will be useful when you start cutting those calories.

One issue with caffeine though is that most people become tolerant to the effects of caffeine over time.
But it’s still one of the best ways to help you get shredded.

Whey protein

Say what? Protein as a fat burner? Yup, we ain’t crazy.
Well.. Let’s just be clear on one thing here: whey protein is NOT a fat burner per se.. But..

There are a TON of benefits of whey protein, and one benefit that a lot of people seem to forget is that it suppresses appetite. Whey protein can help you eat less. Now ain’t that a very good thing? We think it is.

Whey also helps in rebuilding muscle after all those beast mode sessions in the gym and retaining muscle (now you don’t want your lose your gains just because you are trying to lose some fat, right?) So it’s in our number one spot because it will help you keep your gains while adding muscle (which in turn will boost your daily energy expenditure) AND it will help suppress your appetite which will be insanely helpful (especially when you really start cutting your calories.)

Now there are A TON of different brands where you can get these fat burning supplements.
The most important aspect to think about is that you go with a well known brand that is KNOWN for their quality. That’s why we use BPI SPORTS

Our favorite products are:

  • CLA PLUS CARNITINE (You get both CLA + Carnitine in the same product which is perfect!)
  • CLA PLUS COCONUT OIL PLUS AMINOS (CLA, + amino acids and coconut oil is a great mix)
  • GREEN TEA PLUS BEETROOT PLUS FIBER PLUS MCTS (One of our favorites. Green Tea (essential) and fiber AND MCTs!

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fat burning supplements

We hope you learned something from our top list of fat burning supplements. What are your favorites?
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