If you been reading the Gym Quotes blog or if you are following Gym Quotes on social media, then you know how much I love music! I believe music REALLY helps when it comes to giving your all in the gym.

I love how music can help me feel stronger and perform better, but I also love the way it helps me focus (which obviously boosts performance as well). The way it drowns out all the noise in the gym and let’s me focus on me and the task ahead of me (lifting those weights and going beast mode.)

Some people like bigger headphones that cover your ears (with a headband) but I always preferred earbuds.
Earbuds for me is the ultimate way to listen to music since it doesn’t restrict me in any way. I can lie down on a bench without feeling something big on my head. I can do my calisthenics workouts without having my headphones drop down on the ground (which a bigger set of headphones would do) and I can run fast on the treadmill without having something big and clunky on my head.

Problem has always been to find a really good set of earbuds that:

  • Fit perfectly.
  • Have enough low end (bass) with a clear high end, with great mids to really bring out the best of the music.
  • Be durable (so many earbuds break down when you’re training really hard in the gym)
  • Be 100% wireless, with good range without any connectivity issues.

I finally found what I think are some of the BEST earbuds on the market right now and thought I’d share my thoughts on them. They are from a company called Jaybird.

The earbuds I ended up with after trying out a ton of different ones are The Jaybird Run.

Now Jaybird has been doing wireless headphones for years and they know how to make them. The Jaybird Run is an earbud that’s been developed for us gym and fitness addicts.

And I think they are really comfortable, SUPER easy to use and most important of all..
They really do sound great!

They are a bit more expensive that some other earbuds, but I think that what you pay extra for these are totally worth it, especially if you are a real gym and fitness addict who trains often and hard.

The Jaybird Run stays in your ears reliably, and I’ve never had an issue with these while training in the gym or doing my calisthenics workouts. If they are still in your ears while you’re swinging on that bar and hanging upside down, you know they are going to be there when you’re lifting weights in the gym 😉

When you buy the Jaybird you get different sets of silicone tips:
You get a small and and a large one as well as two different oval-shaped ones.
You also get a finless one if you have ears that are.. Small 😉

And the one of the BEST things about these are that they are both water resistant AND sweatproof.
Now if you’re like me and get REALLY hot and sweaty in the gym, then you KNOW how important that part is.

Setting up the Jaybird Run earbuds is SUPER EASY. You turn them on, you pair them with your phone (I use my iPhone 6 for these) and you’re ready to go. Compared to a lot of other brands, these turn on fast and connect fast. The earbuds I used before the Jaybirds took about 20-30 seconds to turn on and to go to pairing mode which is just annoying. So the setup time is awesome here.

So what about sound quality then?
I think they sound REALLY GOOD. Music is VERY important to me (not just when I’m in the gym) and I really need that low end together with a balanced mid and good highs and the Run really delivers on all three.

Sure, if you go wired you can do better in terms of sound quality, but I’ve had plenty of wired headphones that did NOT sound as good as the Runs. And again: I want earbuds (wireless) and not wired.

You get about 4 hours of battery life which makes them perfect for a long workout, and they should last while you get to and from the gym as well.

Overall, I really like these. They are my new favorites and I can recommend them if you are a fitness or gym addict and been looking for a pair of earbuds that you can use when you are training hard.

You can find them over here: Jaybird Run

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