I chose to write this because there are so many out there that are having a hard time finding motivation to lose weight or to get fit. While there are thousands of articles that tell you how to lose weight, there are not that many that describes the journey (and all the challenges along the way) towards being more fit and more shredded.

So let’s go back in time to where it all started.. I’ve always been active. Very active.
Always been doing some sort of sports and throughout my school years (long time ago) I was always one of the best performing ones in different sports. Did track and field with a lot of focus on sprinting (100m.)

All while battling asthma (I always carried my inhaler with me during every single training session or competition.)

And all while being very inspired by bodybuilding (something that came from my dad), so when I finally turned 16 I joined my first gym and that’s how I got into bodybuilding/fitness.

Got my¬†pt certification when I was around 20 and worked with that for a little while. But being in the gym 18 hours a day wasn’t what I wanted, so I quit working as a PT and started with other things.

Always been in fairly good shape. Never been (really) overweight.
Got really shredded a few times but stayed in fairly good shape all year round. Never done a big bulk like a lot do during fall/winter so never had to do any drastic cuts to my diet.

Now diet wise, I would have been a lot more fit/muscular if I had eaten better and more strict.
But the paradox (to my “fitness side”) is that I’m an absolute foodie.
I love all sorts of food and thoroughly enjoy eating food, cooking, baking, etc.

I’m the kind of foodie that went through several years of baking my own cinnamon rolls, experimenting and trying to come up with the PERFECT recipe for those. I did. Damn yummy. ūüėČ

I’m the kind of foodie that love burgers and fries to the point where I (again for several years) went through trial and error to finally end up with my “perfect” burger and fries recipe. And the list goes on. I am obsessed with food.
And I love travelling and when I do I usually don’t think too much about what I eat.
I want to enjoy the culture in every single way I can and food is a such a big part of that.

Now the foodie part, along with me working online (I provide digital marketing services like SEO, PPC, Social media marketing etc) means that I love eating food + I work long hours sitting in front of a computer (that means I don’t burn as many calories as someone that works in a store for example.)

So my daily workout(s) are often what really saved me from not putting on too much fat. And I’ve almost never skipped a workout. I love working out.

But, me being a crazy foodie (almost borderline mental one), I could go into the grocery store, load up with pretty healthy food AND then stop by the section where they have all the sweets and every other day I mentally failed and put some candy or something sweet (i.e something loaded with sugar and fat) in my basket.

Even if I did not have a craving for something sweet, I gave myself some sort of excuse and almost always bought something that was not good for me.

This lead to me putting on some weight. Not a massive amount, but enough for ME to wanting to lose it.

But even after me – telling myself – that I wanted to lose it, I kept falling for my own mental excuses – almost every single time I went into the grocery store.

Every other day I would end up buying something that was not healthy. I was 100% addicted to sugar and I gave myself every single excuse that I could come up with to buy something sweet. I KNEW this was BAD for me but I kept making choices that were NOT good for me. Insane, yes. But that’s how it was.

Here are just a few of those excuses that I could come up with to buy something sweet:

  • “You are training almost every single day.. You deserve it.”
  • You been staying away from sweets for a whole week, you deserve it! (sometimes it was just a day and not a week..)
  • “One bag of candy won’t make you fat. You’ll burn it off tomorrow.”
  • “It’s Saturday tomorrow. Saturdays are cheat days.”
  • “It’s Sunday tomorrow, Sunday is cheat day.”
  • “It’s Wednesday tomorrow, Wednesdays work for cheat days (yup.. Basically any day could end up being a cheat day.)”
  • “Ahh fuck it. Just buy it.”

As you can see.. I could come up with any sort of excuse.. And sometimes I just said “fuck it” and bought it.
That was my “excuse”.

But what happened a couple of months ago was that I was in the gym, doing some¬†calisthenics (upside down deadlifts) and in the bottom position, the fat I had around my waist and tummy sort of “bulked up” and..

This one single moment where I could see my midsection and hating it was enough for me to completely switch into a new direction.

That one single moment was enough for me to completely resist every single temptation because I had a VERY defined end goal in mind (a slimmed midsection with overall low fat) and i was fueled by how much I disliked my current state.

Now to be 100% honest, the first two weeks were really hard. I found myself standing in front of the section (in the grocery store) where they have all the sweets and candy and sort of looking like a zombie. Staring at the sweets while trying to resist putting it into my basket.

Most of the time I managed to stay away, but I did slip twice during the first two weeks. Nothing massive, but I did end up buying sweets on two separate occasions.

But around week 3 and 4 things got easier.

And around week 8 things truly changed. I didn’t even THINK about those things anymore.
I was free of my addiction to sweets and pretty much everything I ate – and currently eat – is something that is healthy and good for me.

For the first time in probably 3-4 years I’m seeing my serratus, obliques and lower abs come through in an absolutely wicked way. I’m loving this change, and not only in a visual way, but mentally I’m free of my addiction and I also FEEL a lot better. My body feels lighter and more healthy in a way I never thought I would experience.

And this motivates me even more. I want to keep on pushing forward to really bring out my entire midsection EXACTLY the way I want it to be – and I will get there.¬†It wasn’t¬†easy, but then again – few things are.

Now what I really wanted to sort of share here in this story is that I believe that YOU have to find that one thing that triggers something deep and profound in yourself.

That one thing that makes you hold yourself accountable for your health choices, weight loss and for your goals.

That one thing that FUELS your journey towards becoming stronger, more shredded and more fit.

Sometimes it’s not just one thing, but several, but most of the time it’s one VERY important thing that truly drives us to do what’s hard. Find that thing and let it push you forward.

And.. Make sure you remind yourself of your goals every single time you are confronted with your old habits.
If your goal (like mine was) to lose weight, then every single time you are in a situation where you might be making a choice that goes against your goal – remind yourself. Think about where you want to be and remind yourself that a bad choice will make your journey longer.

Be disciplined. Do NOT hesitate to stay on course. I did BARELY see any visual results until week 3-4. And by week 8-10 I could almost see some change every other day. So you gotta stick with it. This is KEY.

Find that one thing that drives you and stick with it.
Those two are an unbeatable combination.

As for me right now? I’m still on my way to getting leaner and getting closer to having fairly low fat along with that midsection that I want. I’m STILL A FOODIE. Haha. And I will always be. And I really look forward to an insane cheat day (or week) with all the things I love to eat. But not until I reach my goal.

I’m still a foodie, I still love those sweets – but I can finally control my cravings. And while my journey has NOT been easy, it’s been worth it. And I know that you CAN DO IT as well. And when you finally crush your goals, you can look back at everything you went through..

And smile and be proud of yourself.


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